Club Events 

Jan 17- 9am: Club Meeting/Work Party

Feb 6-9am: Set up for unmarked

Feb 7-Reg 8:30 to 10am: Unmarked 3D

Feb 9- 7pm: Club Meeting

     New Address-1407 E. South Street (go thru gate and park behind shop)

Feb 28-9am: Work Party

March 7-Reg 8:30 to 10: Unmarked 3D Shoot 

March 9- 7pm: Club Meeting

March 21- 9am: Work Party

March 28- 9am: Work Party

April 6- 7pm: Club Meeting about Spring Shoot

April 10- 9am: Set Up

April 10- 4pm: Unmarked 3D Shoot


April 30- Summer League Starts

May 11- 7pm: Club Meeting

May 16-Reg 8:30 to 10: Unmarked 3D Shoot 

June 8- 7pm: Club Meeting-Elections of Officers

June 18- Last Night of Summer League

June 24-27: Masterson 


Hunting Season

No Meetings- No Newsletters

November 9- 7pm: Club Meeting

December 14- 7pm Club Meeting

December 31- Membership is Due

Highlighted for Members Only

Events in CA 

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National Tournaments: